Challengers Seniors

Club Teams

We currently have 6 Senior Teams in the club, with our top team playing in Regional League 3 and the remaining 5 teams playing in the Gloucestershire League. We’ve had 2 promotions this season and 3 last season which is a brilliant result, and we hope for more this season!  These are the teams for the 2016/17 season.

Team Name Division 2016/17 Division 2015/16
Rockets Regional League 3 Finished 2nd in Premier
Flyers Div 1 Finished 3rd in Div 1
Jets Div 2 Finished 3rd in Div2
Comets Division 3 Finished 3rd in Div3
Stars Division 4 Finished 2nd in Div 5 
Flares Division 5 New team 

Player Awards

Every year we have player awards at the end of the season for each team. Players player is voted for by the team, and its always a very difficult decision to choose most improved player. Below are the results for the 2016/17 Season:

Team Name Players Player Most Improved Player Coaches Player
Rockets Jemma Moore Izzy Powell Becca Everitt
Flyers Louise Clune Becky Smith Becca Smith
Jets Claire Forde Sarah Hawtrey Becky Worrell
Comets Alia Figgett Alia Figgett Shelly Jackson
Stars Emma Brown Shaunamay Locke Sarah Edwards
Flares Esme Chance/Louisa Taylor Jemima Kelly Nancy Stevens

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