Rockets v Poole 26/2/17

Rockets v Poole 26/2/17
May 31, 2017 Anna Stevens

The previous meeting resulted in an away draw. Rockets were missing Viki and Linz due to injury and illness, Poole had only 5 players from their original line up.
Rockets made a confident start, Emme and Paige linking well in the shooting circle. Paige dominating in the first quarter. Added pressure from Rockets provided further shooting opportunities as Chloe repeatedly took clean intercepts on the circle edge, those lifted passes allowing her the elevation to turn the ball.

Going into the second quarter with a 2 goal lead Rockets continued to find the flow through court, converting c passes confidently, Emme making the most of the one twos from the circle edge to gain ground. Lizza Head in her second game for Rockets continued to pressure a very accurate long range shooter, denying her the freedom under the post, Becca tracking a very speedy GA , both audibly directed by Viki on the bench. Half time 21-15 to Rockets.

Changes in the third quarter saw newly 30 years old Izzy to GS, Rach Onions swapping the WD bib with Courtney. Rachael instantly made her presence known with 3 turnovers in the first 5 minutes. Poole defensively stepped up the pressure on our shooters as it became difficult to get the ball into the shooters. When we did the shooting was accurate but a few went astray over the back line as the forwards options were harder to see and give.

Going into the final quarter with a 5 goal lead and fresh legs with Megan at WA maybe we were a little complacent. From our c pass, Poole rebounded the first missed shot and converted, converted their c pass then converted from our error to bring the score to 28-26 in the first 3 minutes. Under pressure we made a few errors but still lots of turnovers and although Rockets added pressure on the Poole ball it suddenly became very tense. A very physically contesting Poole defence made it difficult for our shooters to be allowed any space in the D, when they did receive the ball it was hard fought for. Poole pulled away, their GA making an impact although Lizza and Becca took all of the rebounds. We couldn’t convert and lost 33-31. Pleased to get 2 points but disappointed not to win.

Rockets provided the intensity for 4 quarters, it was the final quarter that let us down. We were slow to adapt to the situation but overall the performance was good.

PG 7/11 6/9 0/6
EH ½ 6/7 ½ 3/5
IP 7/10.
POM Jemma Moore.
Thanks to everyone who came to support and to Kathy Moore for scoring