Rockets v Devizes 12/3/17

Rockets v Devizes 12/3/17
May 31, 2017 Anna Stevens

Rockets had a strong squad of 12,no Viki this week due to back issues but with the addition of Lizza Head to bring some height to the defensive circle.
A strong start from Rockets, lots of defensive tips, Lizza dominating the rebounds. Devizes were forced into 3 held balls in the first quarter, along with an incorrect throw in and a replayed ball they allowed our shooters the opportunity to convert. Winning that quarter 10-6 took us into the second with no changes to the team.

Devizes stepped up the pressure and found their shooting form. Two well timed intercepts from Becca and Chloe allowed us to limit the damage as the last 5 minutes of that quarter went a little astray as we struggled to get the ball to the shooters, handling errors compounding the situation. Linz and Izzy rebounded well but we weren’t quick enough to set up a defence on their back line throw ins, we needed to apply pressure to them in return!
Half time score 17-17. Changes in the third quarter saw Sian to GS, Jem to WA and Courtney to WD. It was all about the errors, both teams making errors under pressure and the other team responding. Emme Hale on at GD for the last 5 mins of the quarter to allow Becca some respite.

Devizes were in the lead by 4 goals going into the last quarter. Paige to GS and Emme to GA to bring fresh legs to the shooting circle, Devizes only had a squad of 8 and didn’t play their sub at all! Spirited defence from Lizza provided a couple of turnovers, Courtney at WD took 2 great intercepts on the transverse line and another closer to the D. Becca and Lizza rebounding 6 missed Devizes shots. Despite our best efforts we couldn’t catch up from the deficit and although we only lost that quarter 8-9 it wasn’t enough to get within 5, losing 34-39.
Lots of turnover ball, lots of tips (just need to take the feet there faster to get a turnover), a well paced game that could have gone either way. The relatively low score shows how much pressure was applied on court.
Shooting IP 8/13, SL 5/8, LD 13/21, PG 4/8, EH 4/5. Overall 62%.