Rockets v Bristol Storm 26/3/17

Rockets v Bristol Storm 26/3/17
May 31, 2017 Anna Stevens

At first a 13:30 meet on Mother’s day didn’t look too appealing. Then the clocks went forwards and it looked a bit better. Then someone set fire to a lorry full of straw which closed the M5 and it all became a little challenging.
After a couple of lengthy detours and an agreeable phone call to the opposition, Rockets turned up at the venue only 20 minutes late.

A 10 minute warm up followed and Rockets had a storming first quarter. Louise Clune at GK tipping and turning the ball at the back repeatedly. At the other end Izzy holding strong in the D and converting confidently. The 6 goal lead Rockets established in the first quarter stood them in good stead for the rest of the game.
Storm came back in the second quarter and put the ball into the D under pressure. We weren’t turning as many balls through court either, both teams scoring from their centres. Half time 21-13 to Challengers.
Changes in defence saw Becca E to GK, Becca S to GD and Rach to WD. The fresh legs in defence didn’t take long to start turning ball but unforced errors stopped us from converting. Storm started to creep back into the game but the momentary dip was soon over and Rockets stepped up their game.

Linz to GS in the last quarter brought a different style of circle play and she converted mid range shots after moving the ball around the D. The centre court pair of Jemma and Chloe were still outpacing their opponents with some great flow through court, linking with Emme’s drives to post as Linz took the GK away.

Final score 41-30 to Challengers. A big improvement on the last meeting and a much more positive team effort with a good work rate.

Squad; Louise, Becca, Becca, Courtney, Rach, Chloe, jemma, Emme, Izzy, Linz, Meg.
POM Becca Everitt.
Shooting; IP 18/26, EH 15/21, LD 6/9, overall 72% 