Rockets v Bournemouth

Rockets v Bournemouth
May 31, 2017 Anna Stevens

Following the heavy defeat from the previous meeting Rockets knew they had to prove themselves in this game and started strong, taking an early lead and hanging onto it. The team stuck to the game plan and worked that ball into the D patiently. Great c pass delivery and conversion, that’s something we’ve been chasing for a while.
A fast paced second quarter increased the gap so by half time we were 28-19 up, a massive improvement on the last meeting. The team reacted well to a lot of changes in the third quarter, defensively increasing the pressure on the Bourenemouth shooting circle. Good defence through court too, forcing errors through contesting. Rockets maintained the pace and intensity, as always there were some errors but we’re getting quicker to react and the error rate is dropping. A large squad of versatile players is proving it’s worth.

A promising team performance, a confident shooting circle, fast paced c court and solid defensive circle work, well done.

Final score 49-38
Shooting stats overall 49/72=68%
IP 31/37, PG 12/22, LD 1/5, EH 5/8.
POM Megan Walker.