Rockets v Bournemouth 08/10/2017

Rockets v Bournemouth 08/10/2017
October 10, 2017 Anna Stevens
Rockets v Bournemouth
Our first home game of the season and Rockets started well, taking an early 3 goal lead, building on it confidently to gain a 5 goal lead going into the second quarter. Bournemouth had a run on the goals towards the last 5 mins, some accurate longer range shots from their GA bringing the score closer at 23-19 at half time. Rockets picking up on Bournemouth’s unforced errors helped to keep the score line comfortable.
A closely contested third quarter ensued and it was only during the final quarter that Rockets really stamped their mark on the game with some slick flow through court, accuracy in all areas and some very well timed turnovers. Courtney Handley really getting busy on the transverse line and forcing her WA into the pocket for a long ball. A 2 ball goal too, it would be nice to see some more of those. Dealing with changes each week is becoming easier as the squad starts to settle.
Final score 50-38 to Rockets.
Squad: Viki, Becca, Becca, Courtney, Chloe, Megan, Emme, Kate, Sian, Laura.
Opposition POM Emme Hale
Players POM Emme Hale.
Shooting Stats (first half only) Sian 12/15, Emme 11/16.