Regional tournament

Regional tournament
September 12, 2016 Anna Stevens

Rockets gave a strong performance at today’s regional tournament. The first game v team Bath demonstrated just how ready for this Rockets were as they turned the first centre and continued to turn ball in defence, score 8-7 to Bath.

Next game up was Babylon who finished third in RL3 last season, final score 11-10 to them.

RL2 teams Crossbow and Almondsbury were both close games, 14-8, 14-11 respectively. Mavericks 12-9 and the final game v Pinehurst, also RL2 was tantalisingly close, losing by one goal in the final seconds.

Some solid teamwork in all areas of the court proved that this team are ready for RL3, competing convincingly in every game. Izzy Powell at GS was calm and consistent in her Rockets debut, Emme Hale linking attack and defence effectively.

Very proud of this team today, positive and strong.