About Challengers Netball Club

About Us

Challengers Netball Club has gone from strength to strength in the past few years. Our first team remain competing in the South West Regional 3 League and our other 5 teams in the Gloucestershire League, one in each of the 5 divisions.

Our Junior section has also been successful having teams competing in the South West Regional Leagues and Tournaments.

We also offer the younger players the opportunity to progress from High 5 netball, through to the U12, U13, U14 & U16 and divisional Gloucestershire Leagues. They are also taking part in the newly formed Cotswold Junior League on a Sunday once a month.

We train indoors at Hartpury College on 2 courts on a Tuesday and Thursday night, and have a wealth of experienced coaches to motivate and discipline us.

Our coaches, officials and volunteers are encouraged to work to high standards and adopt recognised best practice.  They follow safety guidelines and good ethical conduct. We have many dedicated coaches who deliver quality training sessions and assistance at matches to ensure each person and team is/are playing to their best ability. We are always looking for new players so why don’t you come along and join in one of our training sessions and see how you like it. Its a great way to keep fit and meet new friends!

Our social events are varied, and as well as going on tour to Pontins some years, we regularly have dinners out or get together’s.

As usual we have a number of weddings this year, and almost certainly we will have some pregnancies too.  We just can’t wait for all the girls to be old enough to play. That said, we already have a couple of mother and daughters playing together in the club, and would love to have more.

We Always look forward to the end of season “bash” which is always a great event, especially if we have something to celebrate! Last season there was PLENTY to celebrate.

All in all we are a friendly club, that always welcomes new players.